[Solved] Unable to load asset Flutter

Hello Guys, how are you all? Hope you all are fine. You might face Unable to load asset this error in a flutter. So here I am come with all possible solutions for this error.

we are providing you all possible solutions to solve this error. So let’s start this article without wasting your time.

What Cause Unable to load asset in Flutter Error?

Causes of this error is as below.

  1. Wrong indentation for assets in pubspec.yaml file.
  2. Not given proper path.
  3. Extra whitespace in pubspec.yaml file


How to solve unable to load asset in flutter

Generally this error cause of wrong indentation for assets in pubspec.yaml file, Not given proper path and extra whitespace in pubspec.yaml file. So here is all possible method to solve this error.

Solution 1

  •  consider the indentation for assets.

    - images/assets.png
    - images/assets.png
  • Indentation right method Example

[2 whitespaces or 1 tab]assets:
[4 whitespaces or 2 tabs]- assets/image1.png
[4 whitespaces or 2 tabs]- assets/image2.png

Solution 2

  1. flutter clean,
  2. Restart the android studio and emulator,
  3. giving full path in my image
image: AssetImage(
   width: 300,
   height: 300,

Solution 3

  1. You should start image path with assets word: image: AssetImage('assets/image1.png')
  2. you must add each sub folder in a new line in pubspec.yaml
  3. then dont forgot to run flutter clean.

So it’s all About All possible solutions. Hope this above all solution helped you a lot. Comment below Your thoughts and your queries. And Also Comment on your suggestion here.

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