How To Select multiple images with Flutter

How To Select multiple images with Flutter. Hello Guys How are you all ? hope you all are fine. Today we are come with another tutorial. Many times you have to pick more than 1 image and show them in app. So we are going to learn Select multiple images with Flutter.

To select multiple images we will use multi_image_picker flutter package. in this Package we can select multiple images from gallery. so without wasting your time lets start this Tutorial.

Select multiple images with Flutter

Question: How to select multiple images with flutter ?
Answer: To select multiple images we will use multi_image_picker flutter package. in this Package we can select…

  • First Of All Add multi_image_picker package in your pubspec.yaml file.
  • After That run pub get command to get dependencies.
  • then import material.dart , multi_image_picker.dart and async in your main.dart file.
  • Then Lets Create void main and Define MyApp in your runApp.
  • Now, Create a class named MyApp extends with a StatefulWidget widget. This is our main View class.
  • Lets make one List Of Asset that will hold all multiple images list.
  • After That make future method named pickImages();
  • Then, Lets trigger this method to our RaisedButton. on click of this button our pickImage method will be call.
  • Now, Lets Define List of Asset in resultList inside our pickImages method.
  • Then after lets choose image by our plugin.
  • resultList will hold list of Assets that return from MultiImagePicker.pickImages() method Return As Define Below.
  • Now, when we click on our RaisedButton your gallery will be open and then we can choose images.
  • After that we have assets list. that we can use everywhere there we need.
  • Now for Demo purpose we are showing all images that we have chosen all images.
  • Lets use builder method to show images.
  • Here is my Main.dart file that will helpful for you.

For Android

Dont Forgot to add this lines into your AndroidManifest.xml under android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

For iOS

Add below lines into your info.plist file under ios/Runner/info.plist

So Guys That’s It For How to Select multiple images with Flutter. Hope you like our tutorial. Comment below Your thoughts and your queries. And Also Comment below your suggestion here.

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