How To Create Rounded Corners Image in Flutter

Hello Guys, How are you all ? hope you all are fine. In this tutorial we are going to learn How To Create Rounded Corners Image in Flutter.

There is As Simple As You can think to make image round corner. in this Tutorial we will use ClipRreact Class to give image to rounded corner, so without wasting your valuable time lets start this tutorial.

How To Create Rounded Corners Image in Flutter

How To Create Rounded Corners Image in Flutter

  • First of all Import material.dart package in your app’s main.dart file.
  • Create Stateless widget and Define in runApp.
  • Then we would make Scaffold widget and put a Center Widget in it. and use ClipRReact in your body.
  • Now in body’s ClipRRect add child to ClipRRect and define Image in your child.
  • And After That Just borderRadius to give round corner image And Add Image that you want to use as round corner in Image class. For Demo Purpose i am using Network Image in Image Class.

Here is My Full Source Code of my main.dart file that you will give more understanding.

So Guys That’s it For This Article. Hope you like our tutorial. Comment below Your thoghts and your quries. And Also Comment below your suggestion here.

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