[Solved] Android License Status Unknown

Hello Guys How are you all? Hope You all are fine. When I was trying to run the flutter doctor command and I get the following error in my stack track. Android License Status Unknown in a flutter. So today Here I come with all possible solutions for this error.

We are providing you all possible solutions to solve this error. let’s start this article without wasting your time.

How Android License Status Unknown Error Occurs ?

I am running the flutter doctor command after just installing flutter in my system. And I am facing the below error in my terminal Android License Status Unknown.

How to Solve Android License Status Unknown Error?

Question: How to Solve Android License Status Unknown Error?
Answer: To resolve this issue try running flutter doctor –android-licenses. This should prompt you to accept licenses (it may ask you first, in case just type Y and press enters – although it should tell you that). If you updated the android SDK, the licenses may have changed Or If you are using SDK the first time then you have to accept its license.

Solution 1

  • To resolve this Issue Just install the SDK command line tool(latest) the below in android studio. Android License Status Unknown,
Android License Status Unknown,
Android License Status Unknown flutter, android license status unknown,
android license status unknown error
  • After Installing SDK Command line tool just run flutter doctor –android-licenses command in terminal.
  • and type Y when needed to accept the licenses.
  • That’s It.

Solution 2

The right solution would be if you have android studio installed then

  1. open SDK manager.
  2. under SDK tools uncheck hide obsolete packages at the bottom.
  3. then you should see an option called Android SDK Tools (Obsolete).
  4. check it and apply and let the studio download the package.
  5. once done run the command flutter doctor and it should now prompt you to run flutter doctor --android-licenses once you run the license command accept all licenses by hitting Y and it should solve the problem.

Solution 3

  1. Delete the “Android SDK Tools” from SDK Manager
  2. Reinstall it by first deselecting the “Hide Obsolete Packages” and then select “Android SDK Tools (Obsolete)”, install it.
  3. run flutter doctor --android-licenses and select y for the prompts
  4. run flutter doctor and everything will be fine!!!!

It’s high time flutter come as an installation package ensuring no configuration setup.


So, It’s All About Android License Status Unknown. I hope this tutorial helps you to solve your error. Please Comment Below if You stucks anywhere with my code.

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